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Sincere support
.Sincere support.

for current and soon-to-be
parents, couples, and
individuals in life transitions

Are you a new or expectant parent seeking support?
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Prepare for Parenthood

Individual or couples counseling

The Next 9

9 monthly sessions for new mothers

Adult life isn’t as lighthearted and simple as we anticipated when we were young. Challenges arise — fertility struggles, complicated pregnancies, postpartum anxiety, depression, anger, and relationship conflict. What do you do? Preparing for the care of your child may have seemed obvious, but how are you caring for yourself? It is easy to become the last priority in this new and overwhelming world, but you deserve to feel heard and understood.

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Elana Zagorsky, LCSW

As a mother and partner, I have both a professional and personal understanding of the challenges and rewards involved in becoming a parent. That is why I choose to work with people experiencing life transitions — to help you learn to maximize your experience and reduce the stress that arises when self-image changes, romantic relationships shift, and values morph.

Together, we’ll confront emotional and psychological issues head-on so that you are empowered to work through challenging times and re-emerge stronger, more insightful, and with more tools to deal with future obstacles.

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